October 10, 2021 *UPDATE* 


This site is set to undergo some very big changes in the next few months, stay tuned ;)



UPDATE 5-29-20

In the video section I have uploaded some candid cover songs. Since I can't be with my parents due to the virus, I started to record cover songs to help keep their spirits up. My parents love to listen to me sing so I felt it would be a way for me to be there without being there. Im in the market for a new guitar because mine, unfortunately, suffered a catastrophic mishap so thats the reason for using the backing tracks.

I do not claim to own the rights to the songs and not looking to get monetary gain. Just some candid videos that my parents said I should share with everyone. So there they are, mistakes and all. Hope you enjoy and if not, well you can't be everyone's cup of tea and Im totally ok with that! :) 




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