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"Hey Old Blackbird"
By: Jessie Kay, Dave Isaacs & Alisa Levin

Hey Old Blackbird
You visit me all the time
Why dont you tell me
Whats really on your mind
Can't you see whats happenin
To the people down here
Cause Hey Old Blackbird
We're all livin in fear

Hey Old Blackbird 
What is it you see
Whats the world look like 
From your perch up on the tree
Can't you see things clearly
Beyond the smoke and mirrors
Hey Old Blackbird
We're all livin' in fear

Walkin with blinders
Livin in the dark 
Stuck in a tree 
When you have the whole park 
A life full of options
But your song has no sound
With wings that'll take you anywhere
But you cling to the ground

Hey Old Blackbird
Are we lost as we seem 
As honesty drifts like 
A log down the stream
Losing moments 
Stumblin through the haze
Hey Old Blackbird
Daze compounding days

Help us to see
Change starts with me
Its enough to live and let be
You dont need wings 
To fly and be free
All along
We've held the key 

Mastered by: Jim Demain Produced by: Dave Isaacs Recorded at: The Studio Nashville Guitars/Organ: Dave Isaacs Bass: Brook Sutton 
Drums: Rob Crawford & Jessie Kay 

Well, hello there ladies and gents!

"Be quiet, be still, remain open and calm, only then will you hear nature's true cosmic song"

-Jessie Kay

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